Please be patient. It will take some time to load the files.

Files include:

  • RCRA: facilities regulated by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. These are facilites which generate, store or transport regulated hazardous wastes.
  • NPL: facilities on the federal National Priorities List of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liabiltiy Act (Superfund)
  • Dams: dams on the St. Joseph River and her tributaries.
  • NPDES: permanant dischargers regulated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. These first four files were downloaded from the USEPA BASINS program.
  • St. Joe Main Stem
  • Watershed Boundaries: the subwatershed boundaries delineated by 30-meter digital elevation data, downloaded from
  • CSOs: combined sewer overflow outlets, the size and color of the point and the title in the legend indicate the number of outlets for each mapped city.
  • Michigan Cities
  • Michigan Villages
  • Indiana Cities
  • Michigan Counties
  • Indiana Counties

You can view maps of these layers individually by viewing the Task 2 and 3 pages of the Watershed Management Plan page.

Turn layers on and off by clicking the square under the layer name in the legend. An "X" will be visible in the square when the layer is turned on. To read layer labels, such as names of mapped cities, click the identify button above the map. The text in the button will become bold when it is activated. Then click the desired layer from the legend. The background of that portion of the legend will turn white. Then click on that feature on the map you wish to identify. The label will appear below the map.